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Gamer Who Fought ISIS Thanks Call Of Duty For Shooting Skills

Reading Time: 3 minutes A 24-year-old who quit his job, sold his car and travelled to Syria to fight ISIS has said his time spent playing Call of Duty is to thank for his combat skills. John Duttenhofer says playing first-person shooter games for up to 13 hours a day gave him an understanding of weapons and taught him […]

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Video Shows Incredible VIPE Holodeck That Takes VR to the Next Level

Reading Time: < 1 minute We have seen the future of gaming, and it may include holodecks. Northrop Grumman’s VIPE (Virtual Immersive Portable Environment) is essentially a portable room in which soldiers can use to run any number of simulated missions – diplomatic, combat, and even medical training environments, etc. That’s not all, uniforms and compatible weapons need are brought […]