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Super Mario Odyssey: Best Costumes We’ve Found So Far

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You’ll collect a whole load of gold coins in Super Mario Odyssey, and although the game uses these instead of lives when you die, they’re primarily used to purchase goodies at stores. Spread out throughout Mario Odyssey’s many worlds are shops where you can buy top-ups for hearts, Power Moons, and–most importantly–costumes!

The various outfits available for Mario range from cosplay-style cowboy, diver, or racer outfits, to some nostalgic classic costumes that will make fans of Mario and Nintendo jump for joy. We’ve put together a nice little fashion parade of all the costumes we’ve found so far, so take a look at the video above to see everything you can dress everyone’s favourite little plumber in. Certain Amiibo figures unlock Mario Odyssey costumes, but you’ll still be able to get your hands on everything in-game without scanning any.

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Of course, those that want to see all Mario Odyssey’s costumes themselves should think twice about watching, as it’s spoilerrifc. You can also check out Super Mario Odyssey review, and for even more Super Mario Odyssey related content, take a look at the list below.

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