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Steven Universe PS4 / Xbox One RPG Introduces A New Crystal Gem

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Along with a cast of fan-favorite characters, Steven Universe: Save the Light, the upcoming Steven Universe RPG for PS4 and Xbox One, will feature a handful of new characters. Today, Cartoon Network revealed another Crystal Gem who’ll be making her debut in the title: Hessonite.

Described as a „pompous Homeworld commander,“ Hessonite is the Crystal Gem allied with the game’s other original character, Squaridot. Hessonite is the one responsible for stealing the Prism from Steven at the start of the adventure, and she intends to restore into a powerful Gem weapon. You can take a look at the first artwork of Hessonite below.

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Like Paper Mario, Save the Light is a 2D RPG that features a turn-based battle system with action commands. Players form a party out of popular Steven Universe characters and must press the correct button at the right time in order to defend yourself against enemies and deal more damage when you attack. You can watch 20 minutes of gameplay footage from the title above.

Steven Universe: Save the Light launches for PS4 in North and Latin America later this month, on October 31. The Xbox One release will follow globally three days later, on November 3. The game will only be available digitally and will cost $25.

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