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Star Wars 1313: Boba Fett Concept Art and Story Details by IGN

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Following the shutdown of LucasArts, an important piece of information came to light about Star Wars 1313: Boba Fett would have been the star.

Replacing the placeholder character shown at E3 and Star Wars Celebration, the infamous bounty hunter would have taken center stage in 1313, on a mission through the seedy underbelly of the multilayered planet of Coruscant.


Star Wars 1313 would have begun with a prologue on Tattooine.


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Various bounty hunters seen in the game would have worked for different crime bosses, and Boba Fett unsurprisingly served Jabba the Hutt. Here we see a young Fett very early in the game, long before he even has his Mandalorian armor, instead wearing only his most basic outfit.

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