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Spec Ops: The Line for Mac releasing tomorrow

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We are only a day away from launching Spec Ops: The Line for Mac on Steam! This gut wrenching tale of sand and souls has affected gamers the world over with its brutal portrayal of things gone wrong in a distant land.

The ruins of Dubai is a character all its own in the tragic tale of Captain Walker and his crew. These relics of a modern age taken over by natural forces are more than simple set pieces to shoot guns in. Sands will shift and the tides of battle can turn on its whim putting you at the city’s mercy.

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And here below the minimum requirements for the game to run:


  • Mac OSX 10.7.5
  • 4GB RAM
  • Intel Dual Core processor

Video card recommendations:

  • Radeon HD 4670/4850/4870

  • Radeon HD 5670/5750/5770/5870/6630/6750/6770/6970

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  • GeForce 8800/9600/120/130/Quadro FX 5600

  • GeForce 9400/285/320/330/Quadro FX 4800

  • GeForce 640/650/660/675/680


Official Source:

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