Sony’s 3D Creator Scanning App Integrates with New MyMiniFactory App

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You can now 3D scan your face using Sony’s 3D Creator, add a hat using MyMiniFactory’s new app and 3D print the whole thing with a few simple clicks.

You may remember Sony’s launch of the 3D Creator app which allows Xperia owners with compatible devices to scan a face or object in 3D (find an in-depth review of the scanner app here).

Since then, the company has been working on new capabilities for the scanning app. The latest development is the integration with a MyMiniFactory app.

You’ll likely know MyMiniFactory as the 3D printable object-sharing platform which is free to use. However, the company has now released an app which allows 3D printer owners to explore 3D printable objects from their phone.

But, as well as being able to search through 40,000 objects, it’s also possible to upload from Sony’s 3D Creator scanning feature directly via MyMiniFactory’s Android app.

The companies hope these new integrations make sharing and remixing for desktop 3D printing easier.

MyMiniFactory and Sony Xperia Come Together

Owners with compatible devices will be able to use Sony’s 3D Creator to scan any object or face in 3D. It’s then possible to then share the 3D scan through the MyMiniFactory app.

Then, after sharing a 3D scan with MyMiniFactory, it’s possible to remix the face with just one click. The company claim they were inspired by Snapchat filters. For example, you could add a hat to your 3D face.

Sony add in a press release that they’re “adding a whole new layer of fun and social sharing to the 3D scanned head. It has never been so easy and magic to edit and remix a 3D scan.”

If you’re taken by your new hat, MyMiniFactory also offers the solution of Click & Print. This enables you to launch your 3D prints from your phone to your printer. Supposedly, this reduces the need for the “steep learning curves of desktop-based software.”

Sony claims to be reducing the time taken for manual work down to just a short number of clicks.

If you’re a Sony 3D Creator user already, you can find the MyMiniFactory Android app linked from the Sony app. If not, search for the MyMiniFactory app in the Google Play Store. However, if you don’t own a compatible phone, read All3DP’s review instead.

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