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Sony Teases 2019 Announcements

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With The Game Awards 2018 come and gone, it’s time to evaluate the performances of all the different players at the event.

Sadly, Sony didn’t have the role many thought it would have after cancelling PlayStation Experience 2018 and skipping E3 2019.

No new games were announced, and we didn’t have trailers nor release dates/windows for exclusives such as Death Stranding, Ghost of Tsushima and Dreams.

Anyway, it looks like the Japanese platform owner is still in a good mood and wants to tease something about its lineup for the coming year.

On Twitter, SIE North America and Worldwide Studios president Shawn Layden has answered a fan’s question on the state of the lineup, hinting at announcements coming in 2019.

“See you in the new year,” Layden simply said, which is a good teaser of things to come in a matter of few months.

It remains to be seen whether he means things like look at the games we’ve already announced to be coming in 2019, like Days Gone, Dreams, Concrete Genie or wait for more about Death Stranding and the others.

Rumors claim there’s a chance that PS5 could be revealed as early as next year, and with it those exclusive could be getting cross-gen releases.

That would make quite the announcement, although it’s just rumors and the most likely PlayStation 5 release window remains 2020.

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