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Sony increases PSN friend limit to 2,000 ahead of PS4 launch

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Sony increased the PlayStation Network’s friends list limit to 2,000 this week, U.K. CM Chris “Envisager” Owen revealed in the official EU PlayStation forums.


This, of course, applies for the PlayStation 4. The PS3 system will continue to support up to 100 friends at one time…

Although PlayStation 4 will support up to 2,000 friends when it launches Nov. 15, PlayStation 3 will only be able to support 100 friends visible in its XMB interface. If you amass a friends list that tops 100, Sony’s network servers will automatically filter your list on PS3. You’ll also be able to set a PS3-specific friends list for the console.

“Support for the ability to display all of your friends in most applications and games is planned, however, some titles will be limited to the current 100 Friends limit,” U.K. community manager Owen wrote in the forums.

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