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SodaStream Creates 3D Printed Bottle Hats for Royal Wedding Charity Auction

In celebration of the upcoming nuptials between Britain’s Prince Harry and American Actor Meghan Markle, SodaStream has turned to 3D printing to create a limited set of bottle hats for a special auction.

Few things elicit quite as much international euphoria and bewilderment as a Royal wedding. And in little over three days, giddy romanticists will get exactly what they’ve been waiting for as Britain’s Prince Harry marries American actor Meghan Markle.

Such high profile celebrations are few and far between, so any company worth its marketing salt is getting in on the action. SodaStream is one such company.

Launched in the 1950s, the company offers home products that lets you carbonate your own beverages. One of the company’s driving messages of late is the reduction of plastic waste, and its promotional activity for the Royal wedding reinforces this with a charitable edge.

SodaStream has unveiled a limited edition run of Royal Edition bottles topped with elaborate 3D printed caps in the style of distinctive hats, worn by Royals past and present. More than just fizzy water bottle toppers though, the company is holding an auction for the pieces. All proceeds from the sale will go to Surfers Against Sewage, a UK-based charity dedicated to stopping the pollution of the world’s oceans with plastic waste.

Royal Bottle Caps

In total 50 3D printed hats (10 examples of five designs) have been produced. Though no specifics are given about the production of these bottle toppers, we suspect either resin- or powder-based 3D printing tech is responsible.

Besides being a quirky callout to the wedding, the bottles will serve a further purpose as they go to auction. All proceeds raised by the sale will go to Surfers Against Sewage, a UK-based charity dedicated to stopping the pollution of the world’s oceans with plastic waste.

Enacting real change, the Surfers Against Sewage recently orchestrated the successful petitioning of the UK government to commit to drastically reduce its use of single use plastics by 2019.

Those wanting to get a slice of this Royal wedding action can take to SodaStream’s Royal auction website. Bidding is currently underway and will close to new bids on Thursday May 10th, 2018 at 10pm CET. The top 10 bidders on each of the five bottle hat designs will take the toque home.

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