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SmartiPi Touch 2 review

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The SmartiPi case is designed to work with the 7-inch official Raspberry Pi touchscreen, effectively turning a Raspberry Pi into a (bulky) tablet or fixed monitor. As there’s no real room for rechargeable batteries as standard, it works better in a more fixed environment.

One of the unique features of the SmartiPi is the interchangeable faceplates on the front of the case. As well as allowing for a Raspberry Pi Camera Module to be mounted inside the case, it enables you to add a Lego-compatible plate. It’s not large, so you can’t do much with it, but it’s a very neat addition nonetheless.

The SmartiPi Raspberry Pi case looks sleek and compact from the front

Smart build

Construction is extremely easy, just requiring you poke some ribbon cables in the right place and fasten and tighten some screws to make sure everything is mounted properly. You can choose little feet for the display, or a foldable stand so you can angle the screen – both are easy to install and even replace. There’s also a little case fan and vented rear panel to keep your Raspberry Pi cool.

It’s extremely well thought out, and a very handy case if you need a compact ‘Raspberry Pi with screen’ solution that just looks nice.

SmartiPi's additional case fan and vents can be handy for intensive loads


The SmartiPi is great case if you need a stationary tablet, although making it mobile might be a little more tricky.


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