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Siemens to Launch $37 Million 3D Printing Factory in the UK

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Siemens is planning to build a new $37 million 3D printing factory in the United Kingdom. Located in the town of Worcester, the facility will have a total of 50 industrial 3D printers installed over the next 5 years.   

The German electronics titan Siemens is spending around £27 million ($37 million USD) in an effort to build the largest 3D printing factory in the United Kingdom. Through this new facility, which will open in the town of Worcester, Siemens hopes to shift its attention towards additive manufacturing innovation.

The actual investment is being made through Materials Solutions, which was acquired by Siemens back in 2016. Material Solutions focuses on selective laser melting technologies for metal parts and super alloys. The specializes in 3D printing for the automative, aviation, and motor sports industries.

Furthermore, the factory launch will create around 55 new jobs. Among the roles will be opportunities for engineers, metallurgists, and manufacturing specialists. The facility itself is set to open in September.

According to Jurgen Maier, CEO of Siemens UK, 3D printing technology needs to be embraced in order to drive the UK’s manufacturing sector. The opening of this multi-million dollar facility will help the country take a major step towards that end goal.

“This significant investment underlines our belief that there is huge potential for innovation and growth within the Additive Manufacturing sector. It is also the next step towards achieving our ambition of pioneering the industrialisation of 3D printing. [It] demonstrates how we are leading the way for the fourth industrial revolution,” Maier explained.

The location of the new Siemens 3D printing facility.

Siemens 3D Printing Facility Gives UK Hope for Industrial Growth Despite Brexit Looming

In addition to the grand opening of this new facility, the company also plans to boost the number of metal additive manufacturing machines on-site. Over the next five years, Siemens wants to add at least 35 industrial 3D printers to its fleet, taking them from 15 to 50.

Phil Hatherley, General Manager of Materials Solutions, believes that the new additive manufacturing center will give the company the “space and scope to continue to innovate for these specialist and demanding industries.” The factory will replace an older factory located at the Worcester Six Business Park Development.

The UK government applauded the move given current economic insecurities over Brexit. Greg Clark, the UK’s business secretary, said that the investment underlined that businesses still had confidence in the UK market.

“Britain has a proud manufacturing heritage. [We want to] create an environment that enables manufacturers to continue to thrive,” Clark added.

Last year, Siemens revealed extensive work it was doing with 3D printed gas turbine blades and parts for nuclear power plants. In fact, in December 2017, the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) awarded Siemens for developing and fully testing the 3D printed gas turbine blades.

Now, with a $37 million facility opening in the UK, Siemens seems keen on continuing its innovative work in the field of additive manufacturing.

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