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Shred the Snow: CAPiTA Improves Snowboards with 3D Printed Sidewall Technology

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The snowboard manufacturer CAPiTA is using its patented FUS3D 3D printing technique to develop recyclable, durable, and strong thermoplastic sidewalls that attach to the board’s wooden core as a single piece.

There are few words that can describe the bliss of snowboarding down a mountain slope. The fresh snow makes you feel like you’re surfing on a cloud. Well, thanks to 3D printing, this action-packed snow shredding experience may become even more enjoyable.

CAPiTA is a snowboard company that is aiming to change the way we create snowboards with its new patented FUS3D sidewall technology. For those who aren’t too familiar with the art snowboarding, a sidewall is the area on the edge of the snowboard that absorbs shock and protects the wooden core.

CAPiTA’s new 3D printing approach uses the familiar Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) technology. This patented FUS3D technique allows the snowboard manufacturer to produce and cut a single piece of sidewall with a custom machine and attach it to the board’s wooden core.

Traditionally, the sidewall that attaches to the outside of the wooden core is made from separate ABS plastic parts. But this manufacturing process is time consuming, wasteful, and can also result in weak spots.

To overcome these problems, a number of companies use an alternate sidewall production process involving urethane resin. However, this method also presents major disadvantages, such as reduced durability in the board. With FUS3D technology, the company can produce the sidewall as a single piece with its resilience still intact.

Hit the Slopes with a More Durable and Environmentally Friendly Snowboard

CAPiTA hopes that its FUS3D technology will solve these aforementioned issues, and eventually change the way snowboards are manufactured in the future.

The 3D printing process enables an environmentally friendly and fast way to create flexible boards. Additionally, the 3D printed sidewalls also manage to enhance the board’s overall performance.

As a result of CAPiTA’s innovation–and the fact that it could revolutionize the snowboard industry– it recently received two awards. The company won the Product of The Year award at the Internationale Fachmesse für Sportartikel und Sportmode (ISPO) Fair 2018. It also was presented with the Innovation Award at the Outdoor Retailer Show in Denver.

The company will include the 3D printed sidewalls in its upcoming Spring snowboarding line. Keep an eye out to see if other companies start adapting 3D printing into the production of snowboards. Visit the CAPiTA website to find out more about the boards and the technology pushing them to the top of the snowboarding manufacturing mountain.

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