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Shapeways Launches Customizable 3D Printed Jewelry Collection

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Shapeways has launched an in-house collection of fully customizable 3D printed jewelry. Called Spring & Wonder, the products and brand were designed in two months to demonstrate what Shapeways can do for other companies wanting to incorporate mass personalization.

Shapeways, the 3D printing marketplace and service company, has just launched Spring & Wonder. The company’s first in-house jewelry brand, the collection was teased back in April.

Greg Kress, CEO of Shapeways, explains the idea behind the collection, saying: “It’s a brand, storefront, and jewelry collection that we built in 2 months. We are proud of the collection and hope you love the jewelry. But Shapeways didn’t do this to become a jewelry store, we did it for you.

He goes on to explain that the brand shows “what’s possible” and just what the Shapeways platform can do as well as what the company hopes it will do in the future.

That is to say Shapeways hopes that brands will add its customizer technology into their Shopify sites. This way, customers can personalize pieces from online stores before the product is manufactured by Shapeways. The resulting product would be 3D printed and may also have custom packaging, although this idea is still undergoing beta testing.

Would YOU Wear the Shapeways Spring & Wonder Jewelry Brand?

Kress explains: “Shapeways has developed a sophisticated back-end of production, distribution, and supply chain fulfillment network, so we’re eager to expand our software services to brands looking to take advantage of mass personalization via 3D modelling and printing technology… With this simple software extension, we’re offering brands the opportunity to empower their customers to create truly one-of-a-kind products at affordable prices.

However, Shapeways found that many see incorporating the software into online sites as seemingly futuristic. So, the company decided to “show not just tell” the wonders of mass personalization by creating Spring & Wonder.

The jewelry line is simple, personal and for everyday wear. Thanks to the Shapeways 3D modeling and printing technology, pieces are fully customizable as both design and material can be changed by the customer.

Current design options include three different collections, ‘Signature,’ ‘Celestial,’ and ‘Geometric’. Materials include silver, 14K gold, 14K rose gold, brass and bronze. The jewelry can also be inscribed.

Shapeways describes the brand as everyday jewelry and the three collections are aptly titled. Signature collections include 3D printed words which: “Make a statement” and “Tell the world who you are and what you’re about.

The Celestial collection includes a range of moons, stars and Zodiac signs which can also be inscribed. Finally, the Geometric collection offers, you guessed it, a range of geometric shapes. You can find prices ranging from just $45 to $350.

If you’d like to buy some simple yet personal jewelry, visit the Spring & Wonder website. However, if you’re interested in Shapeways’ larger idea, check out their “blueprint”.

Source: tct Magazine

Spring & Wonder

Spring & Wonder

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