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Robo 3D Picks Up Official Support Duties for New Matter Printers

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San Diego-based Robo 3D has just announced a lifeline for customers of recently-shuttered New Matter. Owners of New Matter’s Mod-T 3D printer can now turn to Robo for technical support, parts and troubleshooting.

Back in February, Pasadena-based 3D printer manufacturer New Matter announced its imminent closure. In a statement, the company claimed that “It has become clear that our aspirations to transform the industry simply don’t fit profitably into the current market dynamics in desktop 3D printing.”.

It was a lamentable demise, for sure. And one that left owners of the company’s MOD-t 3D printer in doubt about the long-term future of their machines. New Matter posted a lengthy FAQ addressing the matter, promising technical support up to mid-Summer 2018.

Well, it’s not quite summer, but already the future is looking a little brighter for MOD-t owners, as fellow Californian 3D printer maker Robo 3D has stepped in with the announcement that it will take over technical support duties.

New Matter

New Matter
New Matter MOD-t

Robo Tech Support for MOD-t Printers

Indeed, owners of New Matter’s MOD-t 3D printer can rest easy with the knowledge that should anything go awry, at least someone will answer the phone.

Despite the necessity for such a move coming off the back of bad news (New Matter closing down), the reality of Robo stepping is a decidedly positive one. It turns out that Robo was looking to grow at the time and reached out to New Matter CEO Steve Schell and a number of the defunct company’s staff to join the Robo team.

Now a number of former New Matter employees can now be found at Robo, including some of the MOD-t customer support team. Speaking on the matter, Braydon Moreno, co-founder of Robo 3D said: “New Matter was a great company with a brand reputation that we admired, with a particularly strong presence in education, so we will work hard to take care of New Matter’s many customers and provide them with the best possible customer service that we can.

For folks looking to self-diagnose their MOD-t issues, Robo points them to New Matter’s original online troubleshooting materials. There is also a limited pool of off-the-shelf spare parts at Robo’s disposal, but this will eventually run out. Beyond that point, replacements for the MOD-t will be impossible but the company will still be able to offer troubleshooting and technical support.

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