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Resident Evil 7 biohazard Teaser: Beginning Hour *WALKTROUGH ALL SECRETS* Complete Solution!

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So here we go with our complete Solution for the Walktrough and all our searches on Reddit, Forums, etc all over the internet.


Editet Version:

Hey everyone, this is our solution by now and our experience with the game for almost 8 days now , 7 hours a day!!!

I gonna start with the Tools:

Tool Red Wrench, in the last Room -> just to get the Tape
AXE in Kitchen -> Just Weapon, to demonstrate VR Fighting (Tech Demo Style for E3, for the Hardcore Players)


Watching tape to the end -> triggering Ghost into House, that’s why note is changing on table, key is only item that is appearing!
Watching tape stoping it whereever u want -> No note changed, Ghost not triggered into house, no key
Watching tape opening kitchen door with lookpick, stoping tape -> Getting the Weapon faster, no Ghost Triggered no key


The Key itself triggers only the Father (Guy that kills you always, i think the whole community hates him 🙂 ) you can proff go back don’t pick up, door is closed, pick up key, door is opened, he passes by!


Those Dr.Who Angels or Dools or so called manequins

4 Angels at once only at 2F
3Angels at 2F not destroyable, all others are destroyable

Everyone is counting 7 Angels, not True it is only 6, again only 6!!!!

Ghosts on Tape:

We think it is only an element of the Game making it more Scary , thats it!

Ambient Stuff Scarry Stuff:

Writings on the wall, scarry symbols stuff like those stars on the kitchen floor should be ambient to make it spoky.

Lightning, should also be only for lightning and ambient. when u come closer it becomes darker to make it more spooky and more survival horror genre style.

Sounds, Zombie sun trapped under the stairs, closed door.

Key Ending: is only triggered when walking trough the door!!
U can proof insert key in door and don’t leave, item is used in world, and you didn’t exit. so only leaving is triggering the end at door because it is a wrong exit. Key inside the door maybe does something else?

Phone Calls:
There are 3 Phone Calls by now, and everytime u pick up the Phone a second time or more (yes we tried 7 times ^^) there is a dead line at the end.

Boxes with 7 on it:

The Boxes do really show how many items can be picked up in that area, that is true.


The Biggest Mysterie is by now this da** dummy finger!!! congratulations you made it capcom 😉
So we are counting them now for you:

-Dummy Finger
-Dolls or Angels
-Photo from Umbrella (Common guys everyone is like , maybe it is, what should it else be?!)

Glitches, and other Stuff:
Video where people are standing between door not leaving, Father is not killing you, maybe code freezing. thats why not going forward or backward. you are suposed to turn round he punches you , you die. in this type of animation style there is no more movement thats why frozen movement!

Video where people have the door opened , behind the Phone Room.
That is the Only glitch we didn’t do by ourselfs by now have to make it to proof.

Conclusion and maybe Solution:

From all aspects we are reading all over the internet, we are playing it by ourselfs to and also from last investigastions we think.

  • That you have somehow to trigger the key, without getting the NOTE!!! so ghost is not in the house (like in the Horror Movie TheRing) after that you have a key, with no ghost in house.
  • Then you must use Piano to play a Music (Remember it is RESIDENT EVIL not P.T 😉 🙂 ;)) to open a secret door upstairs!!
  • Yes upstairs, because of the Helipod where the Helicopter landed!!!! so that is what we are thinking, just really a speculation by now and we hope some one will make this.

And really don’t forget it is RESIDENT EVIL , not P.T. or something. The Secrets where always hard in RE but they where al logical, not stuff like hit all Pictures in the house, or look at suns drawn by kids, on the kitchen floor. Doesn’t make sense. Again it is a VR Game, Axe is for Tech Demo, for E3 if someone is so hardcore to find toothpick so he can see how maybe final game fights will be! but Secrets and all stuff where always normal to solve in Resident Evil.

I hope you like what we found out by now, thank you all for reading. We would be thankfull if you subcribe to our YouTube Channel. https://www.youtube.com/user/quadoner1

Thank you 🙂


Behind Story, RE7 E3 Demo only, House maybe later in Game, as DLC?!

It happens that the E3 2016 Demo of Resident Evil 7 starts in the Morning, that’s why it’s called Beginning Hour! You can See it on the Windows Sun coming into the House. Also Teaser means, it’s only a Demo vor VR Tech testing, so the house maybe not be in the Final Game, but who knows? 😉

The Family who lives in the House is called:

Father: Jack Backer (The Guy who killes you every time , leavin house picking up phone, etc.)

Mother: Magerie Backer (The Ghost in the End Sequenze who kills you, and also appears as easter egg in the game)

Son:  Lucas Backer (Rumors, Maybe the Zombie behind closed door)

In the Left Cabin beside the Lamp with the S.O.S Morse Code, or it says you have to leave. also Discusion on Reddit.
So we start in the middle of the Video because thats important, the house is abbandend for 3 years now on TAPE, what you find inside the House! I say You because the rumors of the characters make no sense, because it is a VR Game, and the person who you are playing is YOU !!!!! DEFENETLY!!!!


So how long have YOU been there when you wake up, and how long is the house longer abbonded after the 3 years?!

Conclusion 1 to this, the Door has Changed because on the Tape you gotta entering the House and the Guys are destroying the Door, thats why in your World Door has Windows!!!

The Paper when you wake up says ‘I Shall smesh THEM against the Stones’ after watching the Video Tape it says ‘I Shell smash YOU againts the Stones’ Conclusion for this, you Changed your World, the Ghost entered your World that Killed the Guys before on Tape!!! Comclusion 2 if you watch the Tape a second time, you can open the lock pick in the kitchen, opposite of the microwave!!! Lock pick is next to the microwave on the ground!! Don’t know how to find that in regular situation, without spoilering!

The Same with the FUSE!!! You have to play the Game once so you notice the Secret Room, once you played it and open the Secret Room before Watching the Tape you have the Fuse, for the 3F!!


So now it is getting interresting.






Upstairs Secrets: 3 Shoes, may be from Umbrella Soldiers that also got killed by the man in the house?!

Ringing Phone:

We got 4 Different Calls and also a Dead Line taht we got in our Gameplays to:

– Call 1: Memory told the Truth, don’t let the Parences misleave you ( That’s what we understand??)
– Call 2: You will have to say Good bye eventually, or will you be Ready (Escape Call?! But got also killed?!)
– Call 3: Do you have the Power to Choose , but the outcome of that Choise may not be what you expect (I Think that call triggers, that you made an mistake?!)
– Call 4: We think that is triggered, with the dummy finger or the Piano or the Angels that stand around?? only Solution by far for this?? What do you think please leave comments!!
– Call 5: Dead End, 2nd Time Picking UP going up a second time and triggering the Phone!! (That’s the craziest by now??)

All Calls 1Hour 50Mins Gameplay https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ktjNXntT_w

We got by now 5 Ends (Key direct Door, 3 Calls, and Dead Linke Call) Last End is for Sure Leaving the House with all Secrets Mastered!!!



Here are our 5 Endings so far, and also the newest conclusions on Video:

Watch live video from BLOGDOTTV on www.twitch.tv

And here also the Announce Trailer again, we love it so Much 🙂 🙂

Please Leave your Comments here for more hints and tips for the community. Thank you all for reading and resharing

Hier auch für unsere Deutschen Fans, der Link von Capcom Germany direkt: http://www.capcom-germany.de/2016/06/resident-evil-7-alle-infos-zum-spielbaren-teaser/
und auch ein Steatment zum Dummy Finger, reinlesen lohnt sich 😉

Source: http://www.capcom-germany.de/2016/06/resident-evil-7-alle-infos-zum-spielbaren-teaser/

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Resident Evil 7 biohazard Teaser: Beginning Hour *WALKTROUGH ALL SECRETS* PART 5

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