Resident Evil 7 Final Demo – 100% Dummy Finger Mistery , Easy Doll Trigger , all Triggers!

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Resident Evil 7 Final Demo – 100% Easy Doll Trigger , all Triggers in Details!

Here are only the triggers for the secrets, no other bull*** how to get the items, you already know that!

3:29 – make sure to get the empty book

with the dummy hand prebuilt let’s start the first trigger:

4:49 – first giggle, blood writings on the wall
5:42 – first dead body, under trash next to clock

6:05 – second giggle, upstairs dead end, just go there thats it!
7:12 – second dead body, basemant body on table ( try not to die, you still get coin infected, but can not leave house)

8:30 – third giggle, hit painting on stairs with axe, L2 Hit to trigger!
8:40 – third dead body, behind closed door, room with voododools

8:57 – fourth giggle , look at mirror , 180 turn ( only trigger with 180 turn!!)
9:20 – fourth dead body , upstairs in the roof

12:20 – start watching tape, needed for the last giggle!!!! you need to let the guys kills you in the video, thats the only trigger, no kitchen nothing else!!!

17:29 – fifth giggle , final giggle , basemant get to the doll at the end, and crouch.
18:10 – fifth dead body , final dead body , kitchen on the table in the pot. yummmmie πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚

18:31 – get your coin , infected or not you can save it for the final game

infected – not allowed to leave house
uninfected – you can leave normally

hope you had fun reading and watching, thank you blogdottv

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Resident Evil 7 Final Demo – 100% Dummy Finger Mistery , Easy Doll Trigger , all Triggers!


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