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Ready Player One upgraded! Elite Gunter Edition available now

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Earlier this year we took you to the OASIS with Ready Player One: OASIS beta, the official VR experience for the blockbuster movie Ready Player One directed by Steven Spielberg, and based on the book by Ernest Cline. Now we’re ready to go back with an expanded and upgraded Ready Player One experience – get ready to become an Elite Gunter!

Ready Player One: OASIS - Elite Gunter Edition

If you’re a Viveport Subscription member, we have a new version of Ready Player One: OASIS for you to download – the Elite Gunter Edition. This expands the experience with new additions to many of the games included:


The VR version of the 80s coin-op classic, Gauntlet throws you into a seemingly endless dungeon with only your bow to fend off the undead hordes. In the Elite Gunter update, developer Directive Games has added a new winter environment, new level layouts, new room designs and of course, three new power-ups, including Exploding Arrows, Freeze Trap and Decoy Trap.

Ready Player One: OASIS

Battle for the OASIS

Steel Wool Studios’ wave shooter throws you up against IOI Sixers on the appropriately named Planet Doom. In the Elite Gunter update eight new levels are available, taking place in two new environments, where you’ll unlock even more weapons. You’ll need every upgrade available to take on heavy gunners, spider-mech hordes and two new bosses – including the ruthless mercenary i-R0k!

Ready Player One: OASIS - Battle for the OASISSmash

This VR homage to the classic Pong is getting much bigger with the Elite Gunter upgrade, adding nine new levels and three new boss battles to give you even more of a virtual workout.

Ready Player One: OASIS - SmashFracture

If Smash is the RPO homage to Pong, then Fracture is a love letter to Breakout – a VR brick-smasher which has been updated with 24 new levels and three new boss battles in the Elite Gunter update.

Ready Player One: OASIS - Fracture

If you haven’t signed up for Viveport Subscription yet – and with a 14-day trial, why not – then you can still experience the Elite Gunter content as standalone DLC. It’s available now for $19.99.

Now there are two different versions of Ready Player One: OASIS on Viveport you might be confused as to which one you need. Here’s a quick and easy guide.

Already downloaded Ready Player One: OASIS beta, and are a Viveport Subscription member?

Already downloaded Ready Player One: OASIS beta, but want the DLC?

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