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RDR2 Players Find Road That Lights Horses On Fire

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Red Dead Redemption 2 players have found an unsettling new glitch in the game, a road that sets horses on fire.

The Verge has reported strange clips of horses bursting into flame for almost no reason have been floating around the internet since the game launched on October 26.

Players in the game have recently noticed all the glitches seem to focus on one particular road, just outside the township of Rhodes.

It looks like it’s not just horses either as players have found several non-player characters (NPCs) who have fallen victim to the invisible flames.

“What… curse has befallen this individual,” player Matthew Reynolds wrote on Twitter after coming across an NPC and their horse smouldering on the ground.

“There’s something wrong with this horse,” Case MacNeil wrote, posting video of their horse collapsing onto the ground in flames.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is a very large open world game and therefore comes with plenty of chances for confusing or funny.

IGN made a montage of some of the best ones, including horses falling over and flying into the air for no reason, characters disappearing into the ground and people merging into each other.

YouTuber Raz pointed out there’s even one glitch that can trick the gamer into repeatedly giving your character free money.

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