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Raspberry Pi releases IQaudio products

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“This is the first time we’ve brought third-party products into our line-up like this,” says Roger Thornton, Principal Hardware Engineer at Raspberry Pi, on Raspberry Pi’s blog. “When the opportunity arose to acquire IQaudio’s brand and product line late last year, we jumped at it.”

 IQaudio DAC Pro. Priced at $25, DAC Pro is IQaudio’s highest-fidelity audio output HAT. It supports the same audio input formats and output connectors as DAC+, but uses a Texas Instruments PCM5242 DAC, providing an even higher signal-to-noise ratio

The change means IQaudio products are listed on Raspberry Pi’s products page and are available from Raspberry Pi resellers, where they maintain the IQaudio brand.

IQaudio was founded in 2015 by Gordon and Sharon Garrity together with Andrew Rankin. It was “one of the first companies to recognise the potential of Raspberry Pi as a platform for hi-fi audio,” adds Roger.

 IQaudio Codec Zero. Codec Zero is a $20 audio I/O HAT, designed to fit within the Raspberry Pi Zero footprint. It is built around a Dialog Semiconductor DA7212 codec and supports a range of input and output devices, from the built-in MEMS microphone to external mono electret microphones and 1.2W, 8 ohm mono speakers

Hi-fi audio is a new market for Raspberry Pi. “We’ve never felt we had the capabilities needed to offer something distinctive,” says Roger, “leaving third parties to step in with a variety of audio I/O devices.

“IQaudio products are widely used by hobbyists and businesses, with in-store audio streaming being a particularly popular use case).”

 IQaudio DigiAMP+. Whereas DAC+ and DAC Pro are designed to be used with an external amplifier, DigiAMP+ integrates a Texas Instruments TAS5756M digital-input amplifier directly onto the HAT, allowing you to drive a pair of passive speakers at up to 35W per channel. Combined with a Raspberry Pi board, it’s a complete hi-fi the size of a deck of cards

The four most popular IQaudio products for Raspberry Pi – DAC+, DAC Pro, DigiAMP+, and Codec Zero – are all available to buy via Raspberry Pi Approved Resellers.

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