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Raspberry Pi auto-uploads camera images with PiPhoto

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Picture the scene – you’ve just returned from an amazing trip armed with hundreds of photos. You don’t want to lose those memories. However, you also don’t want to spend the next three hours uploading and organising them.

An automated solution

Lou Kratz spends pretty much every weekend capturing his adventures on camera. But he couldn’t stand the digital admin, so he invented PiPhoto to automate the process.

Video from Lou’s YouTube channel

As you can see from the video, Lou has created a wonderfully simple solution. You just plug your SD card into your Raspberry Pi, and your photos automatically upload onto your computer. Game changer.

What does PiPhoto do?

  • Mount the SD card on insert
  • Start flashing the green LED
  • Execute a sync command of your choosing
  • Make the green LED solid when the command completes
  • Make the red LED flash if the sync command fails

Can I build one myself?

Yes! Lou is our most favourite kind of maker in that he has open-sourced everything on GitHub. There are also step-by-step instructions on Lou’s blog.

PiPhoto cycling through on Raspberry Pi

You can easily change the sync command to better fit your needs, and Lou has already made some improvements. Here is a guide to making your Raspberry Pi organise photos by date as they’re uploaded. You can keep up with any new additions via Lou’s GitHub.

Now we don’t have to ditch our beloved older cameras for newer models with wireless connectivity built in. Thanks Lou!

Website: LINK

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