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Raspberry Pi 5 launch special! The MagPi magazine #135

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Raspberry Pi 5 Launch Special

Raspberry Pi 5 launch special

The highlight of this issue is undoubtedly the launch of Raspberry Pi 5. We’ve got a special launch feature celebrating this innovative piece of technology that brings speed parity with traditional desktop computers. The feature starts on page 36, promising to fuel your creativity with quickstart setup guides, build ideas, and an accessories guide.

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50 Phenomenal Raspberry Pi Projects in The MagPi magazine #135

50 Phenomenal Raspberry Pi Projects

If you’re looking for inspiration, check out these 50 Raspberry Pi project ideas. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned maker, these projects are sure to spark your imagination, ranging from music, and gaming, to space and robotics projects.

The latest Project Showcase articles in The MagPi magazine

The latest innovative projects

This issue spotlights several creative projects from the community. This stunning ScreenDress adds animated eyes to fashion with LED screens. The Blackberry Pi project combines nostalgia with modern tech, featuring a Raspberry Pi Zero W computer operating on a BlackBerry-style keyboard. Meanwhile, the Drill Press Camera enhances precision in creating holes in PCB boards.

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Learn to use Ubuntu and other tutorials in The MagPi magazine

Learn to make with our tutorials

For those eager to learn, the tutorials section is a treasure trove. It includes an introduction to MQTT, guidance on building a Mecanum robot, and a starter guide to using Ubuntu as an alternative Raspberry Pi operating system.

Reviews in The MagPi magazine #135: ClipZin and CM4 XB0-Lite Robot Dog Kit

Reviews and resources

Don’t miss out on the comprehensive reviews, including an in-depth look at the CM4 XGO-Lite robot dog kit and ClipZin kit. Plus discover the best learning resources available for circuit and electronic projects.

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