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Raspberry Pi 400 Projects & Guides in The MagPi Magazine #101

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Raspberry Pi 400 Projects & Guides

But where to start? That’s where our lead feature comes in. It’s packed with information and advice for getting the most out of your new Raspberry Pi 400 computer.

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Arts & Crafts with Raspberry Pi

Get creative with Raspberry Pi arts & crafts projects

Get out your sticky tape, cardboard and crafting tools with our guide to making things with an electronic angle. Discover a wide range of crafting projects that use lights, sensors, and buttons. We’ve got fashionable wearables, interactive art displays, plus badges and baubles. Everything you need to get inspired by making with Raspberry Pi. 

Use a retro DB9 joystick with Raspberry Pi 400

Wire up a retro joystick to Raspberry Pi 400

We love the classic DB9 joysticks, made popular in the 1980s (like the Kempston one we use in this tutorial). Nothing beats playing retro games with an original joystick. In this tutorial you’ll learn how to use a DB9 adaptor and wire it up to the GPIO pins on a Raspberry Pi 400 computer. Then plug in your original joystick and play games in the original way.

BOSEBerry Pi

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Upcycling an old speaker system with ultra-modern innards

We love this BOSEBerry Pi project by David Hunt. He has taken an old BOSE SoundDock from the iPod days and upcycled it with Raspberry Pi. Now it can stream music, internet radio, and keep him updated with the latest news and events. 

Santa's Run: Drop & Dash

Upgrade Santa’s Run with Drop and Dash games

Santa’s Run is a great game that uses recycled plastic bottles and arcade buttons as controllers. This month, Mike Cook explains how to use those controllers to make two more games: Santa’s Drop and Santa’s Dash.

FHD Touch Display and Bluetooth Keyboard

pi-top FHD Touch Screen and Bluetooth Keyboard

Fancy turning Raspberry Pi into a Microsoft Surface-style tablet computer? With pi-top’s latest hardware you can add a touch-screen and keyboard cover to Raspberry Pi. The result is the nicest way to work on the move around.

Pick up your copy of The MagPi magazine #101

The MagPi magazine is available as a free digital download, or you can purchase a print edition from our Raspberry Pi Press store.

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