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Pupperazzi: How to Take the Best Photos of Dogs, the Most Powerful Beings on Earth

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Pupperazzi is out for Game Pass on Xbox and Windows Store today. You take photos of dogs, dress them up, play fetch, and so on. They’re very good boys and girls, and they are ready for their close-ups. At least, the ones that aren’t busy driving motorcycles or having dance parties.

It’s up to you to take the best photos of dogs you can, under the circumstances.

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But the circumstances are admittedly a bit strange. You’ll soon notice that in the world of Pupperazzi, from the boardwalk to the streets of Muttropolis, there are no humans.

If dogs have risen to become the dominant earth life-form, perhaps we should question the purpose or even the wisdom of photography: how dare we take photos of these higher beings? How can we do justice to their ascendant canine beauty? If we accept we cannot transfer their 11/10 energy into a 2D image, how then can we find the impudence to further distort the image with lenses and filters?

You play the game as a lowly camera, your film your only contribution to this life. We take selfies, therefore we are. We can never reach the heights of dogdom, but by taking excellent photos, perhaps we can ensure that others see even a fragment of a cute dog’s glory.


The world of Pupperazzi is surprisingly varied, as are the hobbies of the diversely talented dogs. Beyond the obvious celebrities like Tony Bark doing 720s in the half-pipe, there are more nature-oriented pups at the nature park, gamer dogs at the Muttropolis arcade, and even a couple of brave souls on the moon.

As always, taking the best photo is about planning and timing, finding that perfect moment when a dog is chasing a remote-controlled car, or catching a frisbee. But photographers will tell you success is also about luck, being in the right place at the right time to catch the perfectly composed frame.

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But here in the year 2022, maybe trying to take the best photo is a trap. Maybe we all need to just relax and take whatever photo we feel like. Sure, dogs have risen to primacy, and we’re just a camera with legs, but why not embrace that spirit and enjoy ourselves? If we run out of film, we can just try again tomorrow. Trying to get competitive and strive for perfection sounds like an awfully human preoccupation, really.

So, hug your loved ones. Pet your pups. Take a walk, or a nap. Follow your heart. If you feel like it, take a photo. Then you’re playing like a real gamer.

So, hug your loved ones. Pet your pups. Take a walk, or a nap. Follow your heart. If you feel like it, take a photo. Then you’re playing like a real gamer. Pupperazzi is out now on Game Pass!

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