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PS5 To Be Revealed In 2019, Says Leaker

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A leaker who goes by the name of RuthenicCookie, who reported ahead of the announce that Sony wouldn’t be attending E3 2019, has shared more information about the upcoming PS5.

According to the leaker, PlayStation Experience would be making a comeback in 2019, and on top of that there would be two different reveal events for PlayStation 5.

The console would be showcased the first time at a smaller venue (mid 2019) like the PlayStation Meeting in 2016, and then PSX would be the perfect fit for a final blowout of information and details.

He addressed an user’s observation about the possible release of the console in 2021, and said that “nope, it’s coming soon because Anthem is being tested on one of the dev kits. It’s coming in the next 1-1.5 years and boy it’s a beast.”

The leaker also added that Anthem “is a mess” on current gen consoles and would be delayed again, which lead producer has already debunked.

So, take all of this as a grain of salt, mainly because we’re quite convinced that all these things are actually going to be happening in 2020 and not sooner.

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