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Project of the Week: Wield the Power of the Infinity Gauntlet from New ‘Avengers’ Film

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Looking forward to the release of Avengers: Infinity Wars? Why not become the most powerful villain in the Marvel universe with your own 3D printed Infinity Gauntlet. 

This weekend, Marvel fans will be flocking to the theatre to see the highly anticipated superhero film Avengers: Infinity Wars. The movie puts the Avengers up against the all-powerful villain Thanos, a mad titan that has his heart set on stealing the Infinity Gems held by the Elder of the Universe, using them to destroy the team of heroes and life as we know it.

Once the six ‘Soul Gems’ are inserted into the Infinity Gauntlet, the wearer gains both omnipotence and omniscience, not exactly something you’d want an infamous supervillian to have in their possession. However, you can use your 3D printer to acquire this unprecedented power by creating your own Infinity Gauntlet.

In anticipation of Avengers: Infinity Wars, which is officially released on April 27th, a team of professional 3D designers called Do3D have unveiled a 3D printable Infinity Gauntlet. One YouTuber known as The Broken Nerd recently obtained the STL files and produced an insanely accurate version of this powerful movie prop.

Want to be the most intimidating member in the cinema this weekend? Celebrate the release of Avengers: Infinity Wars by 3D printing the Infinity Gauntlet.

3D Printed Infinity Gauntlet: Putting it Together

In order to 3D print the Infinity Gauntlet, you’ll need to purchase the STL files from Do3D. You can find the price and receive the model by contacting the design firm at [email protected] Although you’ll have to pay for the model, you can’t really put a price on such unlimited power.

Once you have 3D printed the Infinity Gauntlet at your selected scale (the bigger the better), it’s time to make this prop look like the real deal. If you want to follow The Broken Nerd’s assembly and post-processing method, you’ll need a few items:

After 3D printing the Infinity Gauntlet, The Broken Nerd coats the prop with XTC 3D, which is a high performance 3D print coating solution. Then, he goes onto spray an even coat of primer across the 3D printed prop, preparing it for painting. In order to achieve a rustic, bronzed effect, the maker uses a few layers of different colored paints. He starts with black gloss spray paint, followed with a gold/bronze spray paint. Finally, he weathers the model down by adding some black acrylic paint in certain areas.

Unfortunately, the YouTuber doesn’t go into detail on how he fused the glowing Infinity Stones into his model. However, other tutorials suggest using different colored plastic gems and LEDs to make the prop shine with galactic power as it does in the film.

If you want to learn more about the project, check out The Broken Nerd’s video below, and get ready to save (or destroy) the universe with your 3D printed Infinity Gauntlet.

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