How Powerful Is Your Android – Anomaly 2 benchmark puts it to the test

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Releasing this ‘Android BenchMark App’ will help them ensure the game is as good as possible when it hits mobile this fall.

  • Get the benchmark app for Android here.
  • Watch the trailer for the benchmark app right here.
  • For the full blog post with details about the reasons for this benchmark and more, head to 11 bit’s blog here.

11 bit studios is excited to announce a new, groundbreaking step in Android gaming. We’re aiming to go where no Android developer has gone before: to deliver PC-quality graphics to Android devices. Given the quality of the visuals and the overall presentation, we believe that Anomaly 2 truly represents a “AAA” mobile game. The game is well optimized for some of the most powerful devices, but there many of them on the market, utilizing different GPUs and drivers, and it’s hard to gather data for all of these variations. Thus we’re going to deliver the Anomaly 2 Benchmark to invite the Android community to take this next step in Android gaming with us.


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