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Pokemon The Movie: I Choose You! Will Air On Disney XD

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Pokemon The Movie: I Choose You! won’t just be making a theatrical appearance in the US. Three weeks after its weekend event in theaters, the film will air on Disney XD after the premiere of two new Pokemon Sun and Moon anime episodes.

This new film is a retelling of Ash and Pikachu’s fateful meeting and their journey to find Ho-oh. The movie movie is being released to celebrate 20 years of Ash’s adventures.

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Despite widespread love for the series, this new take on Ash’s origin story has already been met with controversy. Ash’s pals Brock and Misty were replaced by two new characters, Verity and Sorrel. But that doesn’t mean Brock and Misty are gone for good. The Sun and Moon episodes airing before the movie feature the pair for a special two episode arc.

Pokemon The Movie: I Choose You! will air in theaters next weekend; you can find more information about a showing near you here. The Disney XD premiere will begin at 9 AM EDT with the two anime episodes, and the film will air after at 10 AM EDT on November 25.

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