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Plan for the Destruction of All Things That Aren’t Awesome in MechaNika on Xbox One

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Nika Allen is a smart seven-year-old girl that has always been overlooked by her family at home, teachers, and kids at school. In addition to despising all these people, she also hates tacky clothes, fruits and vegetables, programmed obsolescence, stripped screws, history books, and repetitive video games among many other things in the world. Her only haven is her room where she spends her time working on some personal projects about electronics, robotics, and mechanics while drinking a delicious self-made concoction of cognac and cocoa. She is one of a kind, isn’t she?

MechaNika Screenshot

MechaNika Screenshot

You may have a list of things you hate in this world, but what have you done so they don’t annoy you anymore? Maybe you have tried talking to people. Well, Nika also tried it and everybody ignored her so, as fed up as she was, she started working on MechaNika: her plan for the destruction of all things that aren’t awesome. And now she needs the last components to complete her ambitious project. Will you join her?

MechaNika ScreenshotMechaNika Screenshot

MechaNika is one of the Psychotic Adventures, a genre-spanning video game series featuring a collection of adorable weird girls like Nika. The project began many years ago when Mariona, art director in Mango Protocol and mother of the Psychotic Girls, crafted a dozen of short stories about a bunch of little, twisted girls. These girls were coping with really serious issues in the most unexpected ways you could imagine and expanding those stories through fun and dark video games was an exciting idea.

MechaNika ScreenshotMechaNika Screenshot

The first Psychotic Adventure to be released on Xbox One was Agatha Knife though. This quest features a little butcher struggling between her love for the animals and her devotion to their tasty meat. Can you guess what she thinks she could do to solve this dilemma? She wants to create her own religion, Carnivorism, to convince her friends that the sacrifice of their flesh is the secret to eternal happiness. People loved it so we decided to bring Nika’s plan to Xbox One too.

MechaNika ScreenshotMechaNika Screenshot

As you can see, we love making video games that tackle controversial topics through the eyes of little girls with disturbingly hilarious stories. Then we add a layer of colorful visuals and charming tunes and the cognitive dissonance mix is done. We hope this contrast between deep, mature topics and the light-hearted art style in a story featuring a naive character will make the game really appealing, eventually leading players to not just enjoy the story but also to think about the different ideas being portrayed. But if not, at least we hope they have a great time while looking for the components of MechaNika.

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