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Peugeot Skywalk Hybrid Concept – The Futuristic Vehicles Of Blade Runner 2049

Peugeot Skywalk Hybrid
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Peugeot Skywalk Hybrid

The highly anticipated sci-fi film Blade Runner 2049 will be in theaters Oct 6, 2017. As car enthusiasts, we couldn’t help but notice the handful of awesomely futuristic vehicles that have been popping up in the movie’s trailers.

Tuk tuks are in, and there’s also a Lada. Wanna find out more about the film and the cars? Head over to http://bladerunnermovie.com/

“As for the design, it was brought to life by Arturo Olmedo. The car has a very aerodynamic appearance, especially once it shifts into “flight mode” and those wings spread out. Now, since this is a Peugeot and we’re talking about the future, we can think of at least one StarFleet captain that was born in France, on Earth, in the year 2305 (according to his Star Trek profile),” reports Car Scoops.

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