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Pepsi has a limited edition Back to the Future bottle!

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When Pepsi managed to get its brand of sugar water in 1989’s classic Back to the Future II, it surely wasn’t anticipating being able to cash in on that product placement more than two decades later. But that’s exactly what’s happening this month, as the company featured in Marty McFly’s fictional 2015 is releasing a real product based on the movie:the Pepsi Perfect bottle. Limited to a release of 6,500 and set to go on sale on October 21st, 2015 — the date to which Marty and Doc Brown traveled forward in time — the Perfect bottles will cost $20.15 each. Using the year to set the price is a nice touch, and even though that’s a high price to pay for 16.9 ounces of Pepsi Made with Real Sugar, the collectible value of the thing will likely be much higher.

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Pepsi has urged fans to follow its social media channels to find out exactly where they’ll be able to buy a Pepsi Perfect of their own, though USA Today also notes that 1,500 bottles will be given away to Marty McFly cosplayers at New York Comic Con this week.

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