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Online issues plague PES 2014

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Xbox 360 owners of PES 2014 have encountered issues with the game’s day-one multiplayer patch, rendering the update void, or unable to install.

Others have complained they can’t get online at all…

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Before modes such as Friendly Match Lobby, Ranking Match and Master League Online can be played on the Xbox 360 version, players have to download two updates. The first is a small day-one patch that upgrades the game to version 1.01.

The second, which is causing issues, is a Data Pack that must be downloaded from the game’s Information menu to ensure all online players are using the same up-to-date data.

But players are reporting that this Data Pack takes an extended period of time to fully download, and when completed it brings up an error message during the install.

Fans of the game on the PESFan forum have been expressing their displeasure at their inability to download the Data Pack and play online.

“Took a chance on PES 2014 this year upon hearing it’s improved etc. and finally giving FIFA a run for its money,” one user posted.

“Half a day later of downloading failed patches I’ve still not had a match. Will be returning to store later today for refund.”

Konami has since flagged up a solution posted by the community, which involves inserting the Data Pack manually using PC software and a USB stick. You can find the details of the workaround HERE (but it’s still recommended players instead wait for Konami to fix the issue to avoid complications).

Konami had previously announced that a second PES 2014 patch would be coming “in the weeks after the initial launch” that would add further multiplayer modes.


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