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Next Week on Xbox: New Games for November 27 to 29

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Golazo! – November 27

Golazo is a dynamic arcade football game with a medium-sized field, no fouls and no offsides whistled — just pure fun! Mastering the game is incredibly easy during the fun and furious 7vs7 matches. With its local multiplayer modes and crazy vintage approach, Golazo is the great game for couch and party games!

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FoxyLand – November 27

Help Foxy rescue his kidnapped girlfriend by collecting gems
to finish each stage. Embark on an adventure filled with dangers and
difficulties that you must overcome, complete many challenging levels, and collect
gems and cherries to get to the end of the level.

Story of a Gladiator

Story of a Gladiator – November 27

An arena beat ’em up where you take the role of a man who is in search of his destiny, only to find it in the sands of the Colosseum. As a common man who has lost everything, you spend much of your time in the streets of Rome looking for some sort of meaning in your life and wondering why the gods have spared you. One day, fate finally reveals itself. Are you ready to accept it?

Super Dodgeball Beats

Super Dodgeball Beats – November 28

Xbox One X Enhanced – You’re invited to the craziest dodgeball contest ever! Get your groove on with Super Dodgeball Beats, the world’s most intense rhythm-sports game. Take part in insanely cool dodgeball games played to the rhythm of 18 original music tracks. Tap to the beat with perfect timing and conquer your rivals in style. There’s nothing else like it!

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Mowin’ & Throwin’

Mowin’ & Throwin’ – November 29

The perfect addition to your weekly gaming group. Invite
your friends over for a friendly lawn mowing competition. Wreck your neighbor’s
yard by using lawn gnomes to throw rocks, fertilizer bags, and more! Race
around in a nitro boosted tank and blast unsuspecting opponents! Great to play
with friends or people you only sort of like.

Where the Water Tastes Like Wine

Where the Water Tastes Like Wine – November 29

Where the Water Tastes Like Wine is a wistfully imaginative game about traveling the land, sharing stories and surviving manifest destiny. Wander through a century of American folklore and history, encountering an eclectic cast of characters and exploring their deeply personal tales along the way.

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