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New 'Spider-Man' trailer shows off every villain imaginable

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Were you worried that Marvel’s Spider-Man would have a lightweight, no-stakes story? You can rest easy. Insomniac and Sony have posted a fresh gameplay trailer for the game, and it’s clear the two want a game that puts Spidey in real peril. The clip sees virtually every one of the hero’s main rivals confronting him during a prison break, including Electro, Rhino and Scorpion. And by the end… well, it doesn’t look good for our champion.

The gameplay itself, meanwhile, is what you’d expect — it’s a mix of mano-a-mano brawling, acrobatics and web slinging. Lots of web slinging. It won’t surprise you with its game mechanics, then, but it looks fast-paced enough that we’re looking forward to the game’s September 7th release.

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