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New iPhone 6 “Air” Concept Image Copies Moto G Customizable Colours Feature

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A new iPhone 6 “Air” concept emerged online and included Moto G’s new customizable feature.

The new concept image is created by brightknight08. The iPhone 6 “Air” features an all-new design with aiPad Air-like body and has customizable colours. There are new buttons as well, including a backlit proximity sensor in place of the home button and a silent button featured at the top that also functions as the iPhone’s power button. Moreover, brightknight08 packs a 4.6 inch Full HD screen display with 450 ppi in the iPhone 6 “Air”.

The newly released Moto G also boasts customizable feature that allows users to change the colours of the handset. Moto G turned the heads of many consumers as the smartphone costs $179 for its 8GB variant.

According to the latest rumours, the upcoming iPhone 6 features may include a solar wireless charging feature. One of the most common complaints on iPhones is fast depleting battery capacity. This feature aims to provide solution to the said problem.

This feature is supported by a patent filed by Apple back in February. Apple secured a patent for the use of solar panels in portable devices. This integrated touch sensor and solar assembly would involve integrating social cells into a touch screen by using electrodes that can pull double duty as a solar cell and a touch sensor.


Another rumoured feature that is making the rounds is the use of an extremely strong Sapphire glass for the smartphone’s screen display. Apple already used the technology on the cover of iPhone 5S and Touch ID home button. Sapphire glass is roughly 2.5 times stronger than the glass currently used in smartphones, many of which use Gorilla Glass from Corning.

Rumours claimed iPhone 6 will come with larger screen display with a range of 4.8 to 6 inches. Many analysts predicted that Apple will finally pack a bigger screen on the iPhone 6. Also, the next Apple flagship smartphone may keep the iPhone 5S’ 64-bit A7 processor, M7 graphics chip and the fingerprint sensor. The next generation of iPhone may also include features Near Field Communication and larger internal storage that were skipped in the current handset.

iPhone 6 release date is still unconfirmed. There were speculations that the unveiling will happen early next year. However, reports claimed that Apple is adding more suppliers to increase the availability of iPhone 5S due to its strong demand.


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