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New In VIVEPORT Infinity – July 2019

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VIVEPORT Infinity is your home base to start exploring hundreds of virtual worlds and experiences. An unlimited subscription service with over 600 apps and games to download, Viveport Infinity is your ticket to discovering the best that VR has to offer. But the best news is that your Infinity membership increases in value every month!

New content is consistently added to the Infinity library so you always have a reason to come back. In July we saw an influx of exciting new titles spanning a range of genres added to the service. For a recap of all the latest titles in Infinity check out our list below:

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FORM from Charm Games

Available now as part of Viveport Infinity.

Developed by Charm Games, FORM is a surreal adventure that unfolds within the confines of the human mind. With superhuman powers of geometric visualization, you’ll play as Dr. Eli as you try to uncover the meaning behind a mysterious signal coming from a secret artifact called the Obelisk. Using your powers to follow the signal through the Obelisk and explore dream-like memories to solve the puzzles in your own mind.

Twilight Path from Charm Games

Available now as part of Viveport Infinity

Another title from Charm Games, Twilight Path is a virtual reality fantasy puzzle adventure that takes you on an otherworldly journey to meet wandering spirits, enchanted sentries, and mischievous gods. Transported to a surreal realm between the real world and the afterlife, you awaken to discover you have become trapped in this mystical spirit world. Only by restoring the world to balance can you return to the life you left behind.

Space Ops VR from Fibrum

Available now as part of Viveport Infinity

Space Ops VR is a real-time training program for special operatives in outer space. A rookie who has just enrolled in basic training, you’ll join the special ops team to help ensure the safety of a dangerous deep-space expedition. Test yourself in the harsh environments of outworld deserts, compete with other rookies in the fight against aliens, and prove to your drill instructor that you’re the toughest!


Available now as part of Viveport Infinity

PowerBeatsVR is a modern, rhythm-based VR fitness game to boost your fitness level. Move with the beat as you punch your way through challenging obstacle courses in one of three virtual arenas. PowerBeatsVR offers exciting workouts with boxing, squatting and dodging, includes leaderboards, a VR level editor, calorie tracking, and unique support for heart rate monitors.

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Available as part of Viveport Infinity via Viveport Video

Mindbenders is an all-new immersive VR 360 video series on Viveport Video, allowing viewers to get up close and personal with the principles of science. Brought to you by Tory Belleci, Kari Byron, and Grant Imahara, the former hosts of Mythbusters, Mindbenders combines the charisma of the most famous science TV hosts with the immersive power of VR. Students will be transported to the workshop where Kari, Tory, and Grant introduce them to basic science principles through engaging and informative demonstrations and experiments.

Trex: Skeleton Crew

Available now as part of Viveport Infinity

Created in partnership with the American Museum of Natural History, HTC VIVE and Immersion you’ll assemble Tyrannosaurus rex fossil bones to create a magical museum exhibit. Then witness your T. rex come to life, as you travel back in time 66 million years to the end of the Age of Dinosaurs when flying reptiles glided through the skies and T. rex was the world’s apex predator. Experience T. rex in its natural habitat, a warm and wet environment in what is now Hell Creek, Montana.


Available now as part of Viveport Infinity 

3dSenVR is a unique NES emulator that converts your favorite games into full 3D & allows you to play it in VR! This nostalgia-inducing title allows you to experience 48 of the most popular NES games like never before.

Viveport Infinity is compatible for VIVE, Windows Mixed Reality and Oculus Rift headsets. If you’re not already a VIVEPORT Infinity member, you can sign up here to start your free trial and check out all the perks that come with VR’s first unlimited subscription service.

Website: LINK

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