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New in INFINITY: SWORDS of GARGANTUA, To The Top and Gloomy Eyes Vol 1

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Viveport Infinity‘s catalog continues to expand! We have three new top-tier titles making their way to the unlimited VR subscription service. From towering titans to a lovey-dovey corpse, there is something for every kind of player to dive into and enjoy.

Cleave through hordes of enormous foes as you make your battle-worn ascent up the tower of the Gargantua. Choose from over 30 unlockable weapons, hone your combat strategy, and carve your way through to the titan Gargantua itself.

Clear 100 single-player challenges, climb up the leaderboard, or form an alliance with up to three other players. Whatever your battle plan, there’s an army of looming adversaries waiting to crush you under their heel.

If you want to see these massive foes in action, take a look as YouTuber WhackyCast swings their way through what they describe as “like Dark Souls, but in VR”!


To The Top

You can climb anything when you have superhuman abilities. In To the Top, you feel each movement you make as you grapple up bridges, buildings, suspended platforms, and even otherworldly obstacle courses. With 30 unlockable customization options, you can make a personal mark on the online leaderboards as you complete 35 challenges.

…Did we mention you can get jet hands?

Should text alone not satisfy your curiosity, we recommend checking out Ctop flinging and swinging himself over on his YouTube channel.


Gloomy Eyes Vol 1

Love is hard enough without being a zombie in a world abandoned by the sun. But Gloomy isn’t your average zombie, and he’s not about to let the most powerful person in town quell his affections for the mortal girl Nena. Narrated by Golden Globe®-winning actor Colin Farrell, this introductory volume to a new animated VR-series reminds us that love doesn’t need a beating heart to thrive.

To learn more about this wondrous adventure, watch this VR 180 interview with the creators at Sundance from YouTuber Kevin Kunze‘s channel.


All these stellar titles are now available for you to explore in Viveport Infinity. Start your FREE TRIAL today and lose yourself in immersive new worlds!

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