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New HP Jet Fusion 300 / 500 Series With Full Color 3D Printing

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HP introduces new industrial 3D printers capable of full-color engineering-grade parts. Prices for the new HP Jet Fusion 300 / 500 series start from $50,000, making innovation accessible to small to medium-sized businesses and academic institutions.

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Today sees the launch of the HP Jet Fusion 300 / 500 series 3D printers. With the new range, the company promises engineering-grade, functional parts in either full color or black or white for a fraction of the cost of similar solutions.

Depending on configuration and color preference, the cost of the Jet Fusion 300 / 500 series starts from $50,000. This price point should make Multi Jet Fusion technology more accessible to small to medium-sized businesses, universities and research institutions.

“HP is committed to democratizing 3D design and manufacturing, unleashing new possibilities for millions of innovators around the world,” says Stephen Nigro, President of 3D Printing at HP.

“No matter your industry, no matter your design complexity, no matter what colors fit your business needs – black, white, or the full color spectrum – the new HP Jet Fusion 300 / 500 series gives you the freedom to create brilliant new parts liberated from the constraints of traditional production methods.”

The new Jet Fusion 300 / 500 series complements HP’s existing industrial-grade Jet Fusion 3200 / 4200 / 4210 3D solutions, which deliver a low cost/part ratio and are designed for manufacturing environments.

HP Jet Fusion 300 / 500 Series Offers Voxel Level Control

The new HP Jet Fusion 300 / 500 series offerings include:

  • HP Jet Fusion 340 (Black and White) / 380 (Color): for customers who have smaller part-size needs or who commonly print fewer parts per build.
  • HP Jet Fusion 540 (Black and White) / 580 (Color): with a bigger build size than the 300 series for customers who have larger part-size needs or heavier production demands.

The company is keen to emphasize how Multi Jet Fusion technology can control part properties at the individual voxel level; this means the design and production of previously inconceivable parts is now possible in full color.

Industries that could benefit from these advances ranges from automotive and medicine, to aerospace and consumer goods. HP is already engaging in the co-development of new color applications with universities and businesses around the world. These include Phoenix Children’s Hospital, Yazaki Corp., and Youngstown State University.

“At Phoenix Children’s Hospital, we strive to create personalized experiences benefitting the long-term well-being of our patients,” says Dr. Justin Ryan, Cardiac 3D Print Lab, Phoenix Children’s Hospital.

“From visually-appealing casts and corrective devices, to custom surgical guides, to interactive and personalized anatomical models, we see tremendous value in the design possibilities and highly-accurate and durable parts from HP’s new 3D printers.”

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HP Jet Fusion 300/500 series

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