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New Back to the Future Movie Trailer (2015) – Fast to the Future

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Happy April Fool’s! You may or may not have been tricked – but you’ve got to admit that this Fast and Furious + Back to the Future crossover​ is the movie you didn’t know you’ve always wanted! So fire up your DeLorean because this time 88mph may not be fast enough.

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Sean Finnegan

Brian Altano
Darren Brazil
Blair Kelly

Executive Producers
Fran Mirabella III
Erik Harte

Visual Effects
Adam Barenblat
Matt Gravish
Jack Taylor

Sound Design
Mike Horn

Michael Pereira

Director of Photography
Tylor Bohlman

Matt Heron

Voice Over
Dave Fenoy

Key Grip
Zach Ryan

Brandon Hunt
Mike Huynh

Mark Bassett

Production Assistants
Jason Getchell
Brian Malkiewicz
Mike Mamon
Marc Nix
Mark Oblanca
Kiersten Slader
Alexio Quaglierini

Media & Public Relations
Vasilis Siskos
Kyle O’Connor
Kiersten Slader

Promotional Artwork
Eric Sapp

Special Thanks to
Mike Aransky
Vasilis Siskos
Chris Abbott
Kyle O’Connor

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