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Mything is a Marketplace for 3D Printing Launching in Austria

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This week, an Austrian start-up called Mything is being launched. The website is a 3D printing marketplace and aims to be the Amazon for this technology.

Someday, most things we own may be produced locally by 3D printers. Bringing this dream closer to reality is Austrian startup, Mything. The company is launching this week and provides a 3D printing marketplace.

Impressively, before launching, Mything managed to secure €2 million in investment. Florian Mott is CEO, co-founder, and former bwin marketing boss. Co-founders and investors include Gerhard Pail and Frank Kappe (KaPa Ventures).

Their hope is that Mything can become successful in Austria as a central platform for everything relating to 3D printing with local production. If this is the case, expansion into Germany is also possible this year.

CEO Florian Mott explains exactly what mything is and how it works: “In the near future, we will be the international marketplace for local 3D printing. It will be a central platform where product designers, local manufacturers, and customers can meet easily. mything’s revenue comes from commissions. Besides this triangular marketplace, local manufacture in 3D printing shops is at the heart of the platform. Several exist already and their number is rising fast. In the future, they’ll be as common as copy shops, sub-post offices, and other local suppliers.”

Mything is Three-Sided Marketplace

To use the site, simply browse the available products, personalize your chosen item and choose your manufacturer. After the print is complete, you can collect the item or have it delivered. Ready for this week’s launch, the company recruited 50 designers and 20 local 3D printing shops.

Mott adds that the company’s disruptive factor may not be obvious at first. But, Mything hopes to link digital product designs with local 3D printing shops. Mott adds:

“The classic production and distribution process from a product designer’s draft to receipt of a product by a customer requires transport and warehousing and so involves very many steps lasting weeks or months. We reduce this process to only a few steps and days; in future, in fact, it will be only a matter of hours.”

Of course, this leads to lower costs for on-demand production, short delivery times and less pollution due to no need for long transport routes or warehouses. Mott is convinced that, because of these reasons, it’s only a matter of time before 3D printing overtakes the mass market.

Currently, Mything is offering 800 products in the home, office and jewelry categories. Designs are available in 40 different materials and colors. You can also choose either 3D printing or laser cutting. But, more products will be added over time.

Visit the new website to find out more about future products and expansion into other countries.

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