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Microsoft is finally updating Avatars for Xbox One!

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Spotted by Dualshockers, the listing states that it is looking for a graphics engineer “that will work with us to grow the avatar platform across all of our platforms, leveraging the power of Xbox One, the far reach of Windows, and the intimacy of touch on mobile devices.”

The listing adds that it is looking to take “Xbox avatars on their biggest adventure yet with higher fidelity and a bigger stage in new Xbox experiences.”

Avatars were first introduced with the Xbox 360’s NXE dashboard update in 2008 and allow users to create and customise cartoon representations of themselves. The Avatars were used in multiple Xbox 360 games but have largely been abandoned on Xbox One.

It isn’t yet clear how Microsoft intends to update Avatars for the new console, although the listing hints at “new features” and “gorgeous” visuals.



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