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Microsoft demos wearable holograms on HoloLens!

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Watch Microsoft Hololens demo at Windows 10 devices event. A game named Project X-Ray was revealed, and it was INSANE.

Microsoft just announced that HoloLens development kit is launching early next year for $3000. The development kit will be available for developers who want to take advantage of the new wearable, which combines real life situations with virtual reality. The kit will allow them to create applications that should be available at launch.

Microsoft shows off holograms you can wear and hold with a mixed-reality game called Project X Ray. The new game runs on the company’s HoloLens platform.



Microsoft also announced that a Development Edition of the headset will launch in Q1 2016, for the somewhat princely sum of US$3,000. The first version of HoloLens to exist outside Microsoft’s own testing environments, the Development Edition is intended to help developers create apps and feed back on design,” reports Game Planet.

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