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Metroidvania Mable and The Wood Launches on Xbox One Today

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“Once upon a time, it was the end of the world…”

Mable and The Wood is a game that began life as a simple combat game about a girl who couldn’t lift her sword. Four and a half years and a successful Kickstarter later, I’m delighted to be bringing the game to Xbox One with help from Graffiti Games!

The game tells the story of Mable, a young girl who has been resurrected by a strange cult in order to save the world. They have an old prophecy that says you will hunt down the Great Beasts, take their shape, and use their powers to save this dying world. But what if they’re wrong? The prophecy is old, and words lose their meaning with time…

Mable and the Wood

Mable and the Wood

Mable is still that little girl from four and a half years ago, and she still can’t lift her sword. I was inspired by my daughter, who was always being underestimated for being a little girl and having other people’s expectations pushed on her. Even though you can’t lift your sword in the game, you’re actually much more dangerous than anyone realizes (not that my daughter is super dangerous or anything…).

Instead, you’ll have to shape-shift into different forms to explore the world and kill the creatures that inhabit it. Defeating the bosses unlocks their form for you to shape-shift into, giving you the ability to swing as a spider or dig through the ground as a mole, for example. I was really keen to explore different ways of combining movement and combat into a single mechanic, and each form gives you a different way to play the game.

Mable and the WoodMable and the Wood

I’m a huge fan of games that give you a bit of an opportunity to get creative. To do things your own way. As a result, there are hidden paths through the world that allow you to avoid the bosses altogether, if you can find them! You can kill nothing, kill some enemies or kill them all!

There’s also a pretty hefty achievement for reaching the end without killing a single creature. But it’s a tough one for sure – the way you move is also the way you kill, so you might have a little trouble unlocking that one!

Mable and the WoodMable and the Wood

Choose your path on Xbox One by purchasing Mable and the Wood today in the Microsoft Store. Will you banish the darkness, or will you become it?

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