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Meet Tomo, a DIY virtual pet that’ll spark ’90s nostalgia

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Meet Tomo, a DIY virtual pet that’ll spark ’90s nostalgia

Arduino TeamJune 19th, 2020

If you miss your Tamagotchi virtual pet from the ’90s, Element14 Presents’ DJ has come up with the next best thing — or perhaps something even better!

His DIY device named “Tomo,” for friend, displays a digital companion on its 1.3” OLED screen, and features a variety of mini games that lets you level it up with new characteristics.

The game/pet, which runs on a MKR Zero, implements three buttons for control, a power switch, and a piezo speaker for audio feedback (all the beeps and boops you’d expect). While still very much handheld, its blue and purple 3D-printed shell is significantly larger than the original Tamagotchi. This should make it easy to use, and its low part count means it wouldn’t be hard to duplicate either.

Website: LINK

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