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March Cosplay Showcase!

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Convention season is picking up steam, and cosplayers are busy working on their next projects. If you’re looking for inspiration or tips on a costume you’re working on, check out the three great cosplayers we’re featuring this month!

Wonder Woman | James Bissett Photography


Artyfakes was influenced from her beginnings in LARPing at the age of 12. After falling in love with Skyrim, she discovered the wonderful world of cosplay. Her current project is pretty ambitious: making the props and outfits from Fortnite! Artyfakes tends to consider her current project her favorite cosplay, however her Wonder Woman holds a special place in her heart as when she wears it at events, it makes such a positive impact. “Kids think I’m her which is one of the most rewarding feelings.” You can join Artyfakes and her dad who both work on making props and costumes together on stream and have fun with a welcoming community!

Pearl (Steven Universe) | Matthew Sperzel Photography


Shark Baroness first got into cosplay eight years ago due to her love of anime and discovering cosplay through online forums and communities. She’s currently working on several current pieces involving Asami from The Legend of Korra, but her favorite cosplay is Prince Sidon from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. “I did my own take on a humanoid/Hylian version of him and I loved getting creative with the design and the details.” If you’re looking to chat with others on learning more about cosplay or perfecting your techniques, then join Shark Baroness and her community for some fun and positivity!

Erza Scarlet (Fairy Tail) | Photography: XWicked Games


Like many, her love of costumes and geeky pastimes inspired Valkyrja to get into cosplay six years ago. So far her favorite cosplay that she’s done was Erza Scarlet Heart Kreuz 1 armor from Fairy Tail. “The breastplate was such an complex piece to build and after remaking the foam base three times, I finally got something that flatters my body shape. I am extremely proud of how the complete costume looks and I feel so powerful when I wear it.” Join her and her wonderful community to see Valkyrja streaming her current project: Katalina’s SSR armor from Granblue Fantasy, among other projects!

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