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Making your own Segway, the Arduino way

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Making your own Segway, the Arduino way

Arduino TeamJanuary 18th, 2021

After obtaining motors from a broken wheelchair, this father-son duo went to work turning them into a new “Segway.”

The DIY transporter is controlled by an Arduino Uno, along with a pair of motor drivers that handle the device’s high current needs. An MPU-6050 allows it to react as the rider leans forward and backwards, moving with the help of a PID loop. Steering is accomplished via a potentiometer, linked to a bent-pipe control stick using a bottle cap and glue.

Impressively, the only things purchased for the build were the motor controllers, as the rest of it was hacked together with available parts. As seen in the video below, it looks like a fun conveyance, though they were certainly wise to wear helmets while testing!

Website: LINK

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