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Reading Time: 3 minutes is launching a platform that will fuse cryptocurrency with 3D printing technology. The company is creating the 3dP-Token to offer customers greater accessibility to 3D printed products at a lower cost.  

Over the last five years or so, the world has become captivated by two emerging technologies: 3D printing and blockchain technology. The relentless hype surrounding Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies has slightly wavered as the monetary value has proven to be volatile, but blockchain technology has continued to infiltrate other industries nonetheless. is looking to combine the two with 3dP-Token, a cryptocurrency that can be used to quickly order 3D printed products. The 3D printing service states that the aim of this token is to create a new market for mass consumption for 3D printing. is hoping that the development of their own cryptocurrency will help make 3D printing more accessible and affordable to the world.

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“The additive manufacturing process is, like crypto currencies, one of the most emergent technologies of the 21st century. Both have in common to still be part of a niche market, but have the future-oriented potential to change the world and how we think about it,” the company’s website states. Launches 3dP-Token to Combine Cryptocurrency and 3D Printing

In their white paper, details how the 3dP-Token will be used to help purchase professional-grade 3D printed products. It starts with the customer deciding which 3D printing process they want to use, along with a 3D design that can be uploaded by the user or designed by the company itself. Then, the customer will register and pay for the order with cryptocurrency, and the product will be manufactured on the 3D printing farm.

The company is planning to launch a 3D printing farm in the Czech Republic, which will produce products in exchange for cryptocurrency. They settled on this country because of the infrastructure and regulatory framework that has been developed for cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. is taking a broad approach towards their target market, looking to capture the attention of the medical and aerospace sector, as well as artists, dentists, and private customers too.

3dP-Token is a security token that is programmed on ERC-20 Ethereum basis. has launched an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) to help fund their platform. By investing in 3dP-Token, funders will also receive permanent profit sharing of the company. The 3D printing service claims that their token can be traded on exchanges for other cryptocurrencies or used to order 3D printed parts.

The 3D printing industry appears to be ripe for integration with blockchain technology, especially from a security and accessibility standpoint. For instance, Cubichain Technologies is leveraging the blockchain to encrypt data of 3D printable parts, preventing 3D printers and models from being compromised by hackers. On the flip side, some of those who have made their fortunes from Bitcoin have turned to 3D printing to create unbelievable projects.

Now, with, cryptocurrency could potentially be used to increase the affordability and accessibility of 3D printing. The company intends to publicly launch the 3dP-Token in September, and will build their 3D printer farm towards the end of 2018. If you want to learn more about the 3dP-Token and the ongoing ICO, check out the company’s website.

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