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MakerGear Brings M3 Independent Dual Extruder 3D Printer to RAPID + TCT

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At the Rapid + TCT Event in Fort Worth this week, 3D printing manufacturer MakerGear are launching their new M3 Independent Dual 3D Printer and MakerGear Cloud Software.

The 3D printing company MakerGear is cutting the ribbon on a new Independent Dual Extrusion (IDEX) system for their flagship M3 desktop 3D printer at the Rapid + TCT Event 2018 in Fort Worth, Texas.

Officially called the M3-ID, the device has two separate print heads which are completely modular and controlled independently from the other. The immediate benefit is the ability to mix and match engineering-grade thermoplastics, elastomers, and composite materials to achieve the ideal balance of mechanical, thermal, and chemical properties.

Sample use cases might be to design and build using soluble PVA and HIPS support materials. Or to combine soft, flexible, and rigid segments of a model to achieve preferred mechanical properties. Or simpy to print multicolor models right out-of-the-box.

There also a pair of additional features not seen on a standard M3 called  “True Leveling + Auto Leveling”. All new M3-ID printers will feature a touch probe that improves the print bed leveling process by providing simple instructions to the user if needed.

In addition, the probe also checks the print surface to generate a mesh from 9 data points, so it can compensate for any unavoidable variations in the flatness of the print bed.

Also announced is a MakerGear Enclosure,  available as an optional extra. This new 3D printer enclosure helps maintain proper temperature of the print environment, reduces operating noise, and allows venting of printing-related odors.

makergear m3-id

makergear m3-id

MakerGear Also Launching MakerGear Cloud Software

Attendees at the RAPID + TCT Conference and Trade show will have the opportunity to see the new M3-ID with enclosure first-hand. The show gets underway on Tuesday 24 April at the Fort Worth Convention Center, Texas and continues until Thursday 26 April.

“Building on the success of our popular M3 3D printer, we’re excited to premiere the new M3-ID Rev. 1 at RAPID this week,” says Rick Pollack, MakerGear CEO.

“Our new features improve on an already world-class printer, which provides our customers with the tools to accomplish the most advanced prototyping and production jobs with an unparalleled degree of precision and reliability.”

MakerGear will also be demonstrating their new MakerGear Cloud software, which is designed to maximize the productivity of a 3D printer fleet through printer cluster mapping and cluster-based print queuing, while protecting users’ IP through advanced administrative control.

The M3-ID is already in stock and ready to ship, with a recommended retail price of $3,299. Made in the USA, all printers in the M3 range boast wifi connectivity, wireless control, an integrated user interface, and high-temperature V4 hot ends that can handle a wide variety of materials.

For more details, visit the MakerGear website.


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