Logitech’s iPhone gaming controller is called ‚Powershell‘

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Twitter user @evleaks has -yet again- leaked another upcoming game controller for theiPhone.

This time is from Logitech, and it will be called ‚Powershell‘:

The most popular gadgets leak Twitter account @evleaks has first posted a photo of Logitech’s gaming controller for iPhone on October 1st but didn’t revealed the name. And yesterday on 26th October, it has revealed the name – Powershell for the gaming dock and to add more to the claim, there is a legal filing for trademark and patent at Legalforce is found, which backs the claims and shows that Logitech has applied for the trademark in last month.

According to the Legalforce’s trademark filing, the device is an “integrated game control device and battery pack for use with computers and digital electronic devices.”

The filing not mentioned iPhones anywhere in the filing. However, there would be an issue if Microsoft has the trademark for the term “Powershell” as they already has the product named as Windows Powershell.

Official Source: http://thenextdigit.com/2311/logitech-launch-iphone-gaming-controller-powershell/