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Logging refrigerator temperature with Arduino

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Logging refrigerator temperature with Arduino

Arduino TeamSeptember 25th, 2019

What really happens when you open the refrigerator door? Sure, you know intuitively that cold air escapes, but just how much? And how fast does the food inside actually heat up? To find out, Ryan Bates came up with his own data logging setup using an Arduino Uno, a custom sensor shield, and a microSD card reader.

His device uses a photoresistor to tell when the door has been opened, as well as a DHT22 temperature/humidity sensor to log the air temperature and door status. Along with this, TMP36 sensors are placed around the fridge to get a more granular look at temperatures, including one attached to a pickle jar. 

The results seen in the video below are quite interesting, and more information on the build can be found here if you’d like to try something similar.

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Written by Quad Oner


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