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Learn JavaScript with Raspberry Pi

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Price: Free Link: NodeSchool


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NodeSchool is an astounding resource for learning not only JavaScript but many of the tools you need to get the most out of the experience. The tutorials available are installed as a series of command-line applications that allow you to create your code for real and then have it verified automatically. This means you are breaking out of the sandbox and coding for real.

Starting with the very basics of JavaScript, you soon progress to the Node.js environment and then on to more advanced topics such as data streaming. You can even build your own workshops! Furthermore, NodeSchool organises and runs workshops and regular groups all over the world, so beginners can get support and friends. A perfect resource for those who prefer to collaborate.

Node.js in Action (2nd Edition)

Author: Alex Young, Bradley Meck, Mike Cantelon
Price: £18
Node.js in Action

Node.js in action

Manning Publications has been a supporter of Node.js since its inception in 2009. This had been showing a bit with the original Node.js in Motion book getting a bit out of date as Node.js versions raced ahead. Now the book has been brought up to date to be in line with modern Node.js practices. While it doesn’t cover the most recent developments (Node.js progresses so rapidly, it would be impractical), what the book excels at is giving a thorough grounding in how Node.js works under the bonnet, really helping the reader understand some of the key concepts that make Node.js different from browser-based JavaScript. There’s also a video course available (you may recognise the presenter).

Essential resources

Learning JavaScript and Node.js? You’re going to need these…


Node Package Manager is like Python’s pip for Node. Literally thousands of libraries to enhance your project can be installed in a single command. Always start here to avoid reinventing the wheel.


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MDN Web Docs

This free resource from Mozilla is like the Library of Alexandria for internet development, amongst which you’ll find comprehensive documentation on all versions of JavaScript with examples and browser support information.

Stack Overflow

Every developer’s little secret. A gigantic Q&A site for many subjects including Raspberry Pi, JavaScript, and Node.js. Chances are the answer to your question is here somewhere.

Amazing frameworks

Frameworks allow your JavaScript code to do amazing things


Think writing a web server from scratch is difficult? It certainly was until Express.js came along. This library and command-line tool can scaffold a full working server in seconds, perfect for web apps and APIs.



Electron takes the components of your web app, the JavaScript, HTML and CSS, and packages it all with a web browser to create a standalone application that can be compiled for many different platforms.


If databases are your thing but you find SQL a bore, this object-relational mapping (ORM) framework makes creating, managing, and using databases a joy. Supports many platforms and integrates with Express.

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